Welcome to DataScapes

Visual Data Interpretations

We believe that Big Data is even bigger than the (unfathomable) sum of its parts, and we are dedicated to expressing this vision by creating compelling visualizations that expand the dataset to its conceptual maximum representation.

Objective Data Visualization

Our commitment is to produce a visualization of the data that speaks to its nature and your mind. We study the data and gather the pertinent information around it, producing a visualization that communicates what the data set is, but also the way it is unique and in the way it is best understood.

Dazzling Data Abstractions

Twitterscap.es is a real-time Twitter data-art generator written and built by our founder Caroline C. Blaker. Using Twitter's massive data set, Twitterscap.es turns tweets into art. Sign in with Twitter and give it a shot! Have a continually refreshing data set that just begs for art? Contact us!

Work with us:

Do you have a data set that needs incredible clear visual delivery? Or do you know of a data set that you would love to see being turned into visual art? We're dying to know about it.

We are data artists

Compelled by a our sense of design, fun, and love of code to make transformative, enlightening work.

Caroline C. Blaker, Founder

Caroline is the mind behind Petroglyph Creative and Twitterscap.es. Already a Big Data veteran, Caroline has been poking at Twitter Data for 5 years and is an expert in API's, PHP, 2-factor Auth, jQuery, and can wrangle Javascript and command line frameworks with the rest of them. As a lifelong artist, she seeks to bring her creative insight to your data.